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Originally Posted by Fly26 View Post
RPLL 161500Z 25017KT 2500 +TSRA FEW020CB BKN022 OVC080 24/24 Q1007 TEMPO 5000 TSRA 2974 CB OHD

i think more to the point: +TSRA Tempo 5000 TSRA CB OVD - The approach should never have been made in the first place.

Sort of has a resemblance to the recent Pegasus Air accident. Departed the runaway on landing at Trabzon.

Here's what one poster said about that incident.

Originally Posted by OnTheNumbers
First Officer is pf, weather is at minimums. They are expecting to see the runway at minimums. At minimums they see the runway and the first officer disangages the autopilot but at the same time he presses the toga buttons. Captain takes over and lowers the nose and retards both thrust levers to idle, they land at idle thrust and aircraft was dispatched with one reverser inop. The captain deploys the thrust reverser of the left engine and releases the right engine. Since he hadn't disconnect the auto throttle right engine goes to TOGA thrust. Aircraft starts to accelerate and skids off the runway from the left. Right engine saparates. All passengers evacuate the aircraft from the rear door. No smoke in the cabin no injuries.
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