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" I wonder if the accused have their hearing checks up to date.

That was my experience of RAF police interrogation methods in the 80's.

Sorry what's that you said

Ah, they had clearly changed their questioning techniques from the "softly softly " approach in the 70's, possibly because asking such inane questions as "do you know what an M.U is ?.....well sort of as I'm based on one...."why are your jeans faded ?"..erm, it's the current fashion perhaps " how often do you shower ?".....depends on how often I get covered in fuel and PRC doing Lightning fuel leaks really....quite frequently actually....and "why do you have bulk soap powder and soap / shampoo supplies "? out of a suitcase in a transit block every day may give you a clue here...... didn't really work that well. The immortal words of C/T Ben C of 71 MU infamy ( banned from at least 3 Messes ) come to mind here " don't sign anything......pause....and don't deck them ! "

I got the impression they had finally realised their error when the F/S plod took exception to being called.... sunshine
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