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Originally Posted by Fostex View Post
A live mag? Very important to actually check that your ignition key/mag switches actually grounds both the mags in the off position.
Forgive me if this is a stupid question but how exactly can I check that the ignition key/mag switches have actually grounded both mags in the off position?

I recently acquired a share in a light aircraft and one of the requirements where the aircraft is based is that the prop is left in the horizontal position (for the purposes of the ground handlers moving the aircraft - who refuse to touch the aircraft other than connecting the tow to the nosewheel). This therefore means there's a 50/50 chance that I have to move the prop round 90 degrees..... which I absolutely hate doing! - now I've always been taught to make sure that when I shut a piston aircraft down that I turn the key to the OFF position and make sure the keys are out of the ignition.... but the last two posts on here suggest this might not be sufficient? maybe pulling a circuit breaker would ensure there's no mishaps? (type is a Beagle Pup 150)
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