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Good write up but a couple of things:
Originally Posted by comandos View Post

On exercises such as night cross country flights , landings , approaches.....etc
fourth , sit for CPL written exam and IR written exam to be prepared for combined FAA CPL IR skill test with a certified examiner after completion of missing hours and endorsement by most likely chief instructor or head of training .
fifth , after passing the Skill test You can start CFI training which will combine 30 hours of flight training and 40 hours of ground instruction and after completion You can start instructing building hours towards ATPL 1500 required Hours.

There is no requirement for 30 hours of flight training and 40 hours of ground training. This may be a specific requirement for a specific approved 141 course, but there is no requirement for minimum training for the CFI under part 61. Also, approval from a head of training or chief instructor is also not an FAA requirement. It may be an internal requirement for a specific school, but donít let a school over charge you because they impose extra training requirements.
Note :
You can sit for ATPL written exam which valid for 5 years after passing CPL and IR written exams straight but , the issuance of ATP license requires 1500 hours total time and a separate check ride with a certified examiner .
You also have to complete an ATP-CTP course prior to taking the ATP Knowledge test.
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