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Originally Posted by Kaeser View Post
I’ve just read all your messages on this forum and as a AB initio student (WIZZ AIR CADET) in this school I would like to add a few things concerning your opinion.

Indeed, the school is overwhelmed by the success of their cadet programs and they’re struggling to follow the pace. It’s true, sometimes, I had bad instructors (specially for RNAV and POF) and the organization is often « random », plans and planning have changed every 2 months.

But to be honest at the beginning I planned to go to CAE and I’ve changed my choice when I saw the price difference (almost half….) and all the BAA partnerships. I don’t regret my choice and I’m gonna explain why.

- Even if the school has sometimes bad experience with some instructors, after each subject they ask us to make a report… usually when instructors don’t get good marks… they’re fired…

- Some of the instructors (Peter, Ylies, Airspeaks with real ATC Vilnius tower) are very good, professional and friendly. They try to do everything to help you, even calling you on a weekend to be sure that you understood the topics and propose you additional class for free.

- I can see that the school is really doing everything to help us to find a job, and/or a partnership with an airline. We are 13 in the class, at the beginning 3 of us started without any partnership with an airline (self-sponsored). The school has done everything to send them to pass new assessments with all their partner airlines (Avion, Wizz, Smartlynx, Smallplanet) until they succeed and now, we are all involved in a cadet program… the school could have kept these places to attract new students and get more money… they didn’t do that…

- Some of our good instructors were students before… (Mass&Balance, meteo, flight planning) , that mean even if they didn’t find a job straight after the ATPL.. the school hired them and has kept helping after they finished the training.. for information now.. 2 of them (out of 3) were hired by wizz air (helped by BAA)

- At the beginning of the training we were supposed to fly only in LITHUANIA (it means… being grounded during few months due to bad weather in this country)… they’ve opened a base in Spain this year to provide us a complete training without any interruption to finish as fast as possible… the price didn’t change at all and the school is even paying for the flights between Lithuania and Spain… some students are still complaining because they want tickets with extrabaggages… (just for comparison, at L3 they were supposed to fly to New Zealand, they paid almost 130 000€ and the school closed the base and now they have to fly in UK, without any compensation…

- And to finish… these partnerships with airlines are for me PRICELESS…. (just for information the Wizz air cadet program costs 128000€ with L3, and good luck regarding the price of the life when you stay 2 years in UK comparing to Lithuania)

To sum up everything , Don’t hesitate to get in touch with existing students.. it’s the best way to make your own decision.. because usually internet shows only the worst.
L3 school in Hamilton NZ has not closed
ZFT is online now