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Please donít take this as a continuation of previous spats between us but you need to be able to quantify your statements.

Out of all the types you mentioned above, you are unable to state for certain what hours their pilots are getting on a monthly basis. You are just guessing based on hearsay or vague information.

Iím in the RAF and I have no idea what monthly hours pilots are getting outside of my own unit. Can you be so sure that GR4 and Typhoon pilots are getting so few hours? Or are you basing your supposition on old information? Genuinely, I have no idea but I wouldnít guess and then pretend on here that itís a fact.

As for QFI training times, are you absolutely certain your information is bang up to date?

As I said, Iím not trying to start a fight and I obviously have no idea who you are. You could be AOC 22 Gp for all I know. Just please, stick to known facts to reinforce your point. It will help your credibility.


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