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Originally Posted by pattern_is_full View Post
And as compared to a "pea-shooter" .22 long rifle (130-204 ft/lbs) or Colt .45 (450 ft/lbs )
.22 LR isn't really a 'pea-shooter': from what I've read it's one of the most popular calibres for professional killers, because it's lethal at close range but relatively quiet (I was shooting a .22LR rifle beside a guy with a short-barrelled AR-15 a while back, and the difference in noise was enormous).

For a pea-shooter, you'd be looking at something more like the original black-powder .22 short, at less than 50 ft/lbs.

I must say, I am impressed by the airgun videos I've watched on Youtube, they're a vast step up from the little .177 spring-powered rifle we had when I was a kid. But you would presumably need a firearms certificate for one of the high-powered rifles in the UK.
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