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The way I see it, Ryanair will one way or another have to pay out for all the cancellations, it just takes one court case and any judge will see Ryanair for what they are. It’s just wrong what they are doing, Flying passengers out and cancelling the return with no seats for upto 5 days, no alternative flights on other airlines, no hotels, no help what so ever.
i know of a family who payed a lot of money to fly to Rome on bank holiday only to be told sorry your flight has been cancelled, go away, we can’t help, we have a flight in 5 days with 2 seats on but we can’t guarantee it will operate they had to spend 500 on flights with Easyjet from another airport then a taxi to Stansted for Gatwick at 0100 in the morning.
there were people in Rome with no money to even get a meal never mind a hotel or alternative flights. It’s just wrong.
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