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N50835 C150J Taildragger

Originally Posted by Pilot DAR View Post
Some taildraggers have more weight on the tailwheel than others. One of my taildraggers (with a 2300 pound gross weight) imposes 475 pounds weight on the tailwheel, that's just the way it was designed. I carry an aluminum (ex VW Jetta) jack in the plane just in case, and when parked, I jack the tailwheel off the ground with a modified floor jack, to relax the springs.

To loosen a stuck phillips screw: get penetrating oil in anywhere you can, then warm the area up a little with a heat gun. Buy a diamond tipped phillips bit of the right size for the screw, or use "screw grab" on the screwdriver tip. If you can't find either of those, mix up a tiny bit of engine valve grinding compound, and light grease, and dab the screwdriver tip with that, where it engages the screw. Then, (with a wrench driving the screwdriver, if possible) tighten the screw a tiny bit, just so it moves, then back it out. If that does not work, you're authorized to curse, while you plan to drill and use a screw extractor - but that's really a pain up in the trim actuator area of a 150 tail!
On mine tailwheel weight is 230#. Got the actuator out and lubed it, replaced the elevator trim tab and linkage. Rerigged the elevator trim.

Flying now. Wheel landings, 3 point are not a problem. Climb at 55, with the O320 at 6500' DA and 10 degree flaps, on a go around, I've seen 1000 FPM at gross. What a TRIP!
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