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STN Meltdown!

Swissport in STN has a big problem keeping good staff or staff period, so there is a constant lack of crew.
You can arrive 30min early and depart 20 min late and that is considered a good turn around!

Take 45 baed aircraft with 6 to 10 sectors to fly and You have yourself a problem.
Add the same amount of other bases flying in then leaving for home base to fly 25 minutes turnarrounds on schedules that has shrunk 5 to 8 % in lenght the last 10 years.
That is a normal day
Then add max flights in July August and you have a rather optimistic plan!
Now , add ANY day to day delay factor and You have yourself a headache the size of Texas!

Never played Domino , but I am familiar with the concept of setting them all on end in a row and then tip one.
I feel for the Crew at STN and particular the ground crew. A horrid place to work!

So any excuse to cancel a flight or pick out a Domino to stop the cascade effect I suppose.

A bit hard to run an Airline without Captains , it turns out!
Who could have guessed.
Happy Holidays

Cpt B
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