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Centre Instructors

Dave The No I GC (Swanton) instructors were mainly ex war time in the early 60's and between them had been operational on most of the single engine fighters.
How they managed to suffer the weekly 'up round & down' in the fretwork fighters amazes me but they did so with great effect and really looked after any Staff Cadet that managed to get up there to help.
One thing for sure; they knew how to get the Cadets enthused in that week, and it was the norm that all the course members made the required A&B solo's. Cold weather jackets were the normal rig with the odd 'soapy hat' and wellies.
If you were up at Swanton helping and all the Cadets had finished you could be 'given' a machine and told to get as many launches in as you can before the end of the day, and if you had a P2 you were expected to fly the AE trips on Wed 'sports days'. Such was the 'leadership' and example from those at the 'coal face'.
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