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Yes, the right to live and work anywhere in the EU is a useful facility, for those few lucky enough to take advantage. It is of course, more of an inward than an outward flow of labour, due to the English language and the lower wages in many countries. But it was possible to work and live in Europe pre EU, though not so easy as now.

This country lead the world with equal rights for female workers and other 'just' legislation. We can give workers as much protection as society demands, once we've left. We didn't need the EU to tell us to do the right thing in the past and we won't in the future.

If I were a farmer, or any sort of employer, then Poles would be my choice of employee - they're great people, brilliant workers. But it would be better for the UK if our unemployed were encouraged to do the work. Farmers/supermarkets/consumers can afford another 10p on the price of a bag of spuds to encourage our reluctant workers.
The English language, and our great British unwillingness to speak "foreign"!

Supermarkets would only accept the additional 10p per kg on the cost if they could pass it on to customers, but we love our cheap food. I really don't know just how much it would take to convince the idle to work in the fields. A deal more than the minimum or even the living wage I'd bet. What we need post Brexit is some compulsion to make the idle work, on pain of losing their benefits. but of course the do gooders will say, perhaps with some justification, that if that was done it wouldn't be the idle who would suffer, they'd still manage to pay for the Sky sub, booze and tobacco, whilst the kids go without a decent pair of shoes and a square meal.
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