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Pawpaw was on his death bed, and he called me in to give me something. Reaching into his old kit bag he produced a beautiful engraved Walther pistol. He said, "I want you to have this, and keep it close". I said, "gramps, I don't like guns, and I don't need one. But - I would really just like your family pocket watch if you don't mind". He gave a shake of his head, "boy, you still selling tractors and on the road a lot - yes?" I said yes. He said, "you still got that real pretty little wife". I was pleased he noticed, and said; "yes, she is very beautiful."

So he looks me in the eye with a squint and says: "Boy-chick, some day you gonna come home early and find that pretty little wife in bed with another man. What the hell you gonna do then? Get out your pocket watch and shout 'TIME'S UP!". I took the pistol.
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