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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
No. If you read my later posts you will see that I said we will always be able to import food from wherever it is available.

What I said previously is that we can't feed ourselves. We need those imports because we cannot grow enough food ourselves. We haven't been able to, even with rationing in wartime. And that is true however you may wish to misread it.

< Sigh! >
Then it wouldn't be incorrect to say something along the lines of -

The UK will always need to import food whether it is a member of the EU or not a member of the EU, and the UK leaving the EU will not affect one diddlysquat that need, other than after the UK leaves the EU it will be able to import food from non-EU countries which curently attract import tariffs or are quota restricted and are therefore not currently price competitive with EU produced food but which may be the same price as EU produced food or even cheaper than EU produced food after the UK leaves the EU

Sorry, but this ' We're all going to starve ' nonsense is precisely that - nonsense.
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