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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
I suspect once recruitment and training have got enough bods on the line it will be introduced faster than a rat up a drainpipe....
I hear you, Wiggy but the BMI zippering issue needs to be resolved first. The two parties are absolutely miles apart at the moment, there no easy solution thatís going to satisfy both parties and I would suspect it ainít going to get resolved any time soon. Even without zippering of BMI Pilots we already have strong suspicions (if not confirmation) JSS isnít going to come in by the end of the year because of the difficulties of introducing around Christmas. By the time they get enough bods on the line thatís gonna be edging towards summer 2019 and the company will again be nervous around introducing it at a time that potentially compromises rostering over the summer (as they were this time around). Itís not necessarily hope over expectation.
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