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Originally Posted by AfricanSkies View Post
Hello dear reader.

As my country, South Africa, is in dire straits and the future there is about as bright as an old bicycle light, I would dearly like to come and live in the USA. I have good 737 and 777 time.
Realistically if I get a green card, and I try real hard, what would the best job be that I could go for and what sort of salary could I expect to be paid? Any companies offering to assist with green cards? A bit of insider knowledge would be invaluable here..
Many thanks in advance!
I'm a South African expat living and working in the US for the last 30+ years. Currently I'm flying as a B787 Captain for a major.

I can sympathize with what you're going through having been there myself. The US pilot job market is a tough nut to crack, particularly if you don't have a green card. Even having it, you need to meet the distinctly American requirements to get hired, namely a college degree. It's virtually impossible to get hired by a major without it, although you could probably be hired by a LCC or freight operator like Atlas.

You mention having B777 time. Where did you get that? There are no B777 operators in SA so I suspect you may have gained your experience in the middle east.

I would explore carriers like Korean, ANA, and the many other Asian carriers that do hire expats.

Good luck!
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