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Originally Posted by DistinctlyPlain View Post
I had my stage 2 back in February and the 3 parts to the day were all finished by 1330. The person in charge of us for the day basically said that they tell you it'll be finished by 5pm in the event of a fire alarm as that takes a lot of time out of the day because of all the security measures around the building.

For FEAST/DART you have to wait until everyone in your session is finished. In my group I think we all finished FEAST a little early. Chances are you'll be finished by 2pm though.

thanks for the reply! I vaguely remember from when I was down the first time that we finished early than the 5pm, just wasn’t sure what timings would be like with the later start and extra knowledge test. Should hopefully be fine for my flight home then, providing I make it past the knowledge test/FEAST test again this time round.

In regards to the knowledge test, is there a lot of aircraft specific questions? Not sure if I should spend time knowing these from the booklet if there’s only going to be one question on it type thing?

Thanks for any advice.
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