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I can't find a link but there was a fascinating story in Pilot Magazine some years ago which was written by a Canadian test pilot. He was part of a team sent to Russia to evaluate a regional jet for the Canadian market. Before he went to Russia the Canadians and Russians had agreed a test programme which included stalling. The test pilot knew that this aircraft had no stall protection and was likely to go into a deep stall with no recovery possible.
He approached the aircraft for the first flight with some trepidation. His Russian copilot seemed prepared for the flight but, at the last minute before start up, the copllot came up with a problem which meant the flight had to be delayed. This went on for each flight, the last one of which even taxied out to the runway before some reason was discovered by the Russians for cancelling the flight. In the end they agreed that the aircraft could not be stalled and the programme was cancelled with relief all round.
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