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Originally Posted by highcirrus View Post
BAengineer Perhaps you could provide a link to Richard North indicating that EASA membership is only open to EU members? A careful reading of his blog posts will reveal that Dr. North is well aware that EASA membership is open to both EU and EFTA states (of which Iceland is one) and indeed, he makes this clear in the next paragraph from my quoted piece from his post at ♯ 333
I am not allowed to post links for some reason but if you look at his post from the 29/4/2018 he states:

"But the commission immediately pointed out that we cannot remain in EASA because, as the rules make clear, this is open only to EU members."

Well the Commission did nothing of the sort - all they pointed out was that EASA was still going to have the ECJ jurisdiction, a point the UK Government accepted when they changed the definition of their red-line on the ECJ from 'direct' jurisdiction to 'indirect' jurisdiction. SKY news did a much better job of explaining the state of play than Richard North.

Again sorry that I am unable to post a link but if you do a search for: 'Govt to stay in EU air safety body in blurring of Brexit red line' you should find the article.
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