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Originally Posted by BAengineer View Post
The other thing that struck me from the article was the claim that Licences, permits to fly etc will no longer be valid for UK aircraft wanting to fly into the EU - well without a deal it will be exactly the same for EU airlines who want to fly into the UK, they will also be banned. The costs to everyone will be so astronomical that some deal is going to get agreed.
Actually, that is only partly true. For EU registered aircraft, companies and crew (both on the ground and in the air) nothing will change with BREXIT. They will still be licensed and airworthy under EASA rules, as they are still part of the EU and its organisations and regulations. For the UK however, and that is only if there is no deal, there will be no continued membership in the EU or its organisations and regulations. So everything issued in the UK based on those regulations and organisations will be no longer valid, in fact each and every license and airworthiness certificate will have scrap paper value only.

You are right of course, same as the UK has no longer access to the EU under the open sky agreement, all EU airlines will no longer have access to the UK under the same agreement. However, the EU is losing access to a 60 odd million people market, the UK to a 460 odd million people market.
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