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Re: The Independent article. Probably an irony alert might have helped, though, given continuation of current "government" ineptitude, Channel Ro/Ro ports could become choked with corollary lead-in motorway congestion on either side (due newly required Customs, Sanitary (animal) and Phytosanitary (plant) inspections on the French side of the newly instituted EU external border) . As discussed, Air Transport could cease and, often overlooked, Chunnel train service licences (operator/driver) could no longer be valid, along with UK HGV and private driver licences. Result? Uk completely isolated until such time as the "government" wakes from its slumbers, quits squabbling amongst itself, at last considers the National interest and addresses these urgent matters properly. However, interim, no need to worry, as, in a time of peace and plenty, the current set of "leaders" are fixing for rationing and army support of the Civil Powers, post Brexit, so no real problem (irony alert!).

Agree your post and indeed political change hopefully will be in process by the end of the year if a no-deal Brexit looks inevitable. I've already counselled family, friends and colleagues not to lay money out on travel to/from UK after 29 March 2019.
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