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Originally Posted by grizzled View Post

"This must mean the pilots were faced with massive electrical failures sufficient to knock out the autopilot."
No... that's not what it "must" mean.

"The aircraft was then seen on primary radar to meander and not maintain any fixed level(phugoid?)"
If you read the report you would have noted that those vertical variances were discounted. If you know anything about (those types of) military primary survellance radars, or do some reading about them, you'll understand why the derived altitudes should be discounted.

"we are surely looking at a decompression caused by the rupture of the crew oxygen cylinder"
My Lord...

"No other scenario fits so neatly"
My Lord (again)...

"The pilots have finally been cleared" etc
I can't even bring myself to say "My Lord" again

"itís going to be down to us, ppruners to fill in the gaps"
Ahhh! Now I see! Of course -- the solution lies with those who frequent PPRuNe! (especally those who frequent "Rumours and News"!) The silly Malaysians and Aussies and Brits and French and Americans and Chinese, etc. etc. could have saved a lot of time, effort and money.
My Lord...
Well said Grizzled. Well said indeed.
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