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EVA info request

Originally Posted by jackcarls0n View Post
That is a good idea. Always good to do what you want to do in life. If you want to get away from US. They are bunch of option. You might be quite busy and frustrated with the flying and company culture.

I would suggest go to Japan. Taiwan is a good place, but you can hate it or love it. But I reckon you have been here before. If you want insight on EVA feel free to PM me and I'll give you the low down.

My motivations and desires match the original post almost identically. I was wondering if you maybe could copy and paste the information regarding EVA you sent to the original poster? This forum reflects basically everything I've heard about Asia in general, but from what I've heard through the grapevine is that EVA is recently becoming one of the better expat airlines in Asia. I've been talking to a recruiter at APAS about EVA for about 6 months and of course it's all roses from his perspective but if you have some actual EVA specific information from the inside I'd appreciate it a lot. Every forum I read ends up turning into a generalized explanation of Asia in general which at this point isn't helpful. I'm young, single, motivated, ready to live abroad, and I'm already generally used to being abused .

Other than general working conditions info, one question in particular I had was about applying to the airline without going through a recruiter. My recruiter is good but very slow. I see there is a portal for applying directly on the company website. Is this something you would recommend? Is it faster? Also is EVA in a position that were I to apply at, say, 300 jet time versus the 500 required, that they would possibly accept my application at least to get the ball rolling? My recruiter says not, but I am sort of thinking hes being told to tell people no. If the Asian carriers are half as desperate as the US carriers I'm sort of wondering if they'd still give me a pre-emptive interview and a conditional offer with less than the minimus which is sort of turning into the norm in the US.

Thank you for your time
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