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The view and opinions expressed in the article are, I consider, to be a fair description of the current state of play.

The UK aviation industry has always wanted to remain a member of EASA, although the EU has said that EASA certification would no longer apply if the UK left without a deal. Nonetheless, it is probable that EASA directions and legislation will remain in force during any transition period. This will be a matter for our government to negotiate and agree. The UK would likely remain subject to the ECJ with no say or influence within EASA during the transition period. This may be tough for the hard Brexiteers to swallow. It is to be hoped that the CAA is making contingency plans.

Although there hasn't been much by the way of 'public' progress on the aviation aspects relating to Brexit it is probable that behind the scenes progress has been made with the US on an 'open skies' policy. This could be in place by March 2019 and, if correct is good news. Let us hope nothing interferes with these negotiations.

Another area that needs to be addressed is the continuous recognition of manufacturing and service aspects of the UK aviation industry. It is hoped that common sense from all parties will prevail. The difficulty will be that EASA does not have the authorised ability and legal knowhow to negotiate with a non-member aviation authority which the CAA may become.

It is to be hoped that a transition period extending into 2020 can be agreed. This will certainly be advantageous for the whole of the UK aviation industry and the EU. Even so existing EU Law will continue to apply, subject to other agreements such as an arrangement on the Irish boarder issue and a deal on trade.

A resolution of the issues is needed and it is, I believe, imperative that a transition period is agreed to prevent the UK from crashing out of the EU. The no deal scenario is seriously worrying to not only aviation, but many other industries.

Progress needs to be made, and quickly, to avoid a potentially catastrophic state of affairs occurring on 19 March 2019.

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