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This website is called the "professional pilots rumour network", and 98% of professional pilots are 100% behind the Ryanair strikes. We care very little what people like mik3bravo think, as it's about protecting the terms and conditions of our industry. Almost every airline in Europe relies on Ryanair's poor terms and conditions to keep a constant flow of experienced pilots flowing in without having to improve their own terms. If Ryanair improves their terms and less people leave, all the other airlines will have to improve their terms to carry on attracting people.

Don't give me this "hard earned holidays" rubbish. Everybody knows what they are getting into when they book a Ryanair flight, there's been enough media attention in the past year to know exactly what to expect. If you don't want to pay 20 extra to go with a proper airline that offers its staff legitimate local contracts and doesn't bully it's staff, don't be surprised when they leave you stranded
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