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Originally Posted by daz211 View Post
Had friends returning from Rome to Stansted Tuesday evening,
there flight was cancelled after 6 hrs in a que to get to the desk, they were told no flights until Saturday, and that flight wasnít guaranteed to operate, they were given NO vouchers for meals, NO hotel accommodation, in fact they were told to find their own alternative flight to London no help what so ever NO transportation to FCO they finally got flights with Easyjet into LGW at a cost of almost £500 for the two of them.
they told me it was like a war zone, people with kids groups of young travelers with no money left over and they were all told no help will be provided by Ryanair and more or less to go away.

I just donít know how Ryanair is getting away with this.
FR is now an online airline. You book online and you checkin online so that is where information will be found and changes can be actioned if things go awry. The only non-online action is the actual flying, It is strange that people except an online outfit to all of a sudden have people, except aircraft personell, ready on the ground if something happens. You don't expect Facebook or Google to have somebody informing you in person when their service go wrong. Or Amazon comming to your door telling you why your ordered and paid for item hasn't arrived. And remember Ryanair states they want to be the Amazon of the travel industry.
There isn't really anything in the current rules that demand an airline have personell available for all eventualities, or that queries shall be handled within a certain immediate timeframe. They only demand that compensations are paid and bills covered at some stage. So it is up to you to feed, acommodate and reschedule yourself, and then demand a refund at a later stage from your original carrier. It probably means one shouldn't travel without a certain amount of emergency funds available.
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