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Originally Posted by TangoAlphad View Post
Of course the public have little sympathy... people en mass are selfish and self serving. They don't care as long as they can get to malaga for 30. Who cares how their pilots and cabin crew are treated? However public support isn't really required to make Ryanair hurt and change is it?
I'd put it differently. The workers involved are likely putting their own jobs at risk and could find themselves pushing CV's out looking for new jobs. That is reality but seems these people are prepared to bet it all against the house. The house always wins.

Employers have a healthy gene pool of alternative prospective employees only too delighted to secure employment and good remuneration packages.

Remember one thing, any employer holds control on their business and will do all to protect share price and shareholder value. If shareholders walk, the implications for the business are extremely serious for everyone. That's the reality. But fire ahead with the worker strike actions lets see how it ends up but I fear it is not going to end well for these people.
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