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Originally Posted by Jurow View Post
It is partially wrong,

The entire fleet was grounded for 1 day due to the crash (for a check I presumed).
All the SEP operations have resumed the following day.
The P2006T Tecnam is due to be grounded for scheduled maintenance in the next weeks but still flying.
BAA is looking for new aircrafts to lease/rent following this incident and the development of the Ab initio department.

ATCs have summer holidays like anybody. They have hired new staff recently so they are not fully competent at the moment, that's right.
I do complain myself about the organisation but still have the feeling that it's worth the money, assuming you're in a cadet program.

The contract specified that the training takes place for a period no more than 2 years so, you already know what to except before signing.
Some people finished earlier, and that leads to the common expectation that it will be the same for them.

If you pass the selections for a cadet program, I think it is still a valuable opportunity.
The groundschool is OK, they changed the CBT recently (Bristol > PadPilot).

More informations for the new base are supposed to be released next week.

WarLock is no more an employee of BAA despite what he said. Fact.
Spoken like a true patriot (employee) of BAA
Are you even listening to yourself? Me being a current or an ex employee of that place doesn't change the facts of what went on there until a month ago:
- Never enough aircrafts. Instructors sometimes getting into arguments among each other because of this! of course, a student ends up not flying because of this.
- CFI complaining about instructors who are grounding the planes! (When aircraft is grounded for legitimate reasons, again, not enough planes! Students not flying for days)
- Students initially being told that they will fly at Kaunas base. Students finding accommodations and paying deposits in Kaunas, only to find out later on that they will fly at Istra. Deposits GONE, nobody cares.
- No public transportation in Istra! If you wanna get to Istra base you either find a cab, or pay the school hired van (each way) to get there.
- Some of the ground school subjects were simply jokes! Instructor shows up, says few stuff about non related stuff, asks students to go and study at home.
I can go on and on about the background of whats happening but its always easier to find out the truth from the current students.
As for me, it was the best day of my life when I gave you guys the finger and quit that place. If you feel like analyzing, ask yourself as to why that company has a revolving door policy when it comes to instructors and why nobody stays at that place for more then few months
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