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Originally Posted by Brambleshire View Post
I'm a crj CA in the US thinking about going to the left seat for Peach, Skymark, or Ibex. Not for the money, not for the experience, and not for the type rating. Really I just want to spend a couple years not living in the US for once, and flying around other side of the world, learning a 3rd language, etc. If I go to a major now I'll never be able to check that off my bucket list.

Surely those companies aren't that bad? I've read that Japan is far better than the other asian countries. I have a friend at ANA and he loves it.. want to stay there his whole career.
I am in the same boat. I'm 32yo single, no kids. The idea of living in Taipei seems like it would be a once in a lifetime adventure. Im currently flying the CRJ as a captain. I know the hiring in the U.S. is hot right now, and that trend should continue. However there is a romance there about going to a place like Taipei and living there that appeals to me. I struggle with this idea every few months and its really bothering me.

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