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Piqued by curiosity I had a rummage through some old boxes & found the reference in the 50th anniversary edition of Air Clues published in 1996. The ac captain in the incident was Flt Lt GHA Wellum so it was indeed the same man. Whilst feathering the No 1 engine during an air test it failed to feather & caught fire due to a loose nut on the feathering pipe line adaptor allowing oil to spray out when operated. Subsequently disciplinary action would be taken against the JNCO responsible for the error.

Happily the fire was successfully extinguished and Wellum returned to base at low speed due to the windmilling prop & landed on 3 engines without further incident.

The 1957 Wg Cdr Spry said 'The captain showed a high standard of airmanship' but it doesn't say that he received any award though. The events took place during his 4 years on 192 Sqn.
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