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Horatio Leafblower
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I wonder how much Ben gets paid? For he is AOPA's Executive Director..
From what I know, not much. Less than a GA Charter pilot.

It may all come to nought, but at least he trying, herding a bunch of cats with over inflated ego's into one room was an achievement in itself.

The pollies are always very quick to play the division card - "We would like to help but the industry is divided and we can't just change what you want because the other groups will attack us".
Solution: Get all the groups in one place and prove to the Minister and his minions that we are of one mind.

I have to commend Ben & Aminta of AOPA, RAAus, RAAA and all the other groups and their leadership for putting aside their differences and making a united front. As many others have said, it is the first time in many many years that this has been achieved.
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