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I've never hidden my role in this forum, there are plenty of non pilots and non EK who participate and not all of them are open about the fact that they don't work for the company.

You might think what I post is irrelevant and you're entitled to your opinion of course. However to only look at the experience of one employee group when considering to join is imho a huge mistake. The way they treat those "lower" on the chain than you indicates how you will eventually be treated. Maybe not right away but it'll happen. It's just the way it goes. I knew a bit about how the cleaners/bag throwers got treated before I joined but I wish I'd known specifics because it shows a lot about the management mentality overall.

I'll add a disclaimer to future posts (although on many I have said specifically I was talking from a CC perspective) hopefully that will keep the haters happy although I suspect some would prefer I not post at all. Too bad since I've been on this site in one form or another since the mid 90s, and I don't plan to go anywhere soon... Sorry not sorry.

I don't think there is "cc vs pilots" either but some here obviously do because they go out of heir way to make a big deal about things and not to other non-EK posters who don't even work for the company. Some in every group I guess *shrug*
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