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Yep, waste of time. So the meeting put out a bunch of motherhood statements. I expected nothing more.
Should have presented the Minister with a bound copy of the FARs along with the demand that these become the regs governing Australian aviation as of August 1, 2018. Anything else is a waste of time.
The problem is that Australians love being regulated. Everybody wants "permission" to do anything. If you don't believe me look at RAAus and GFA, both allegedly enthusiast organisations who "enthusiastically" make more and more rules to bind their members, in many cases in excess of what CASA requires of private pilots and aircraft owners. I see these hypocrites were at that meeting. Don't worry if the Minister wants to change a thing, they will squeal if it reduces their power and the ability to coerce funding from their "members". How are you a "member" of a CASA contractor which coerces you to be a "member" and extracts money with the authority of the State? This is just a way of CASA taxing the low end of aviation TWICE while evading its responsibilities to Parliament.
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