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Originally Posted by Council Van View Post
How many non Irish are ever successful with this scheme?

Some one from a particular training organisation told me you name had to start with the right letter and you had to have a particular accent.

I wouldn't want to imaging our Irish friends are forgetting, as members of the EU, they can select the very best candidates from all of Europe.
Italian, British (Scotland, Northern Ireland (British/Irish depending on your view!), English), French and I believe German have all previously been selected. Of course a lot of Irish get it, it's an Irish airline and one many Irish people want to work for. In my opinion it's a fairly fair process and if you're good enough you'll be selected. If you're not you won't, just like a lot of Irish applicants who aren't selected in the end either.

Much agreed great applicants come from all over, I've worked with many switched on people from all over Europe and further afield.

Saying that however, Air France could be reminded of this when they put "Fluent French" as an entry requirement to their scheme, along with many other airlines in EU who run Cadet Pilot schemes. IMO this closes off some good applicants from across Europe and is a subtle way in accepting home applicants.
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