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Just over 5 months. That's what you need to know. It took me just over 5 months to return to a normal sleeping pattern after 7 1/2 years at EK.

The argument over the package is completely irrelevant to that. What price do you place on your health? 5 months to get back to some form of pattern in sleeping is absolutely ridiculous. Do any of you read what lost sleeping patterns equate to? It is a given in our job that we have affected sleeping patterns, however, to the extent that EK disrupts them and consequently affecting your health in ways you won't see until you leave.

K1000, what Dropp wrote is wrong, Medical isn't free. You pay a premium every month for it. And it will only keep increasing because the medical system is one of the most disgusting money grabs in Dubai. The second they know you are EK they charge for everything, and inflate the cost. So as a result, EK will only keep raising the Premium, for Medical coverage from second rate Medical Professionals.
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