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Originally Posted by BigGeordie View Post
Because food isn't free, transport (apart from to/from work) isn't free, internet/phone isn't free (and remember Skype is blocked) and you will quickly discover that schooling is VERY expensive- it goes up every year but the amount Emirates contribute certainly doesn't. If all you ever do is go to work or sit in your 'free' housing then the cost of living won't matter- but you will go crazy in a couple of months.
First of all you are not just sitting home you are flying around the globe and when you are off at home you are enjoying a couple of days with your kids or family at home maybe having dinner at home and go out the next day ...
​​​​​​Then for food and cost of living ther is no way that you spend 30k Aed a month on food and outdoor activities unless you are partying everynight and eating at 5 star restaurants every day , just remember you are an employee not a prince
lastly dubai is expensive very expensive but even with this facts the package s stil good very good and much much better than back home..
Come on dontd be spoiled guys
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