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I think you're missing the point. I for one would be happy to support your fight for better T&C, but the work must start at home first. What I'm specifially referring to was the situation where CC in one country went on strike, but Ryanair solved this by moving employees from another country in to cover. As long as Ryanair employees don't put their foot down on such practice, then you'll be hard pressed securing the support of outsiders.

But all that's really besides the point. As an employment group few are more selfish than professional pilots in Europe. They'll happily take a low-paying job and thus undermine the conditions of everybody, as long as they secure an income to pay off their huge training debts. That, my friend, is sadly 'the big picture', and I've really no idea how to address that. Well, I do actually, but it won't fly because there will always be a cadre of selfish, short-sighted, young wannabe's who'll fly for pennies.

If anybody is responsible for the downward spiral of pilot condtions in Europe, it's the selfish pilots who accepted a tax-dodging employment scheme where they are 'self-employed' and 'contract' their services out to O'Leary. Once again, RYR staff need to lead the way and show both resolve, unity and testicular fortitude, only then can you hope for the help of others.
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