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Originally Posted by IGBK View Post
I know what people say about hanging in there, but I have been on the hold file since Feb with no word. I heard at the interview they were looking at starting 12-20 a month. Does anyone have an idea of the actual numbers of new starts in the last 6 months?
There are a few things happening which may be slowing things down through no fault of Jetstar. There is a massive shortage of slots for A320 type ratings worldwide, so Jetstar will be taking whatever slots they can get, which may not be enough.

There is a sim down at Ansett and will be down a sim for longer than what was first thought, which means the in house training is struggling to be done - this takes priority over induction training.

February isn't all that long to wait, the guys I started with had all been in the hold file for over 12 months. They will call when they call, in the meantime don't put your life or career on hold waiting for the call. There are plenty of options out there and if you get snapped up into something else before you get the call, then you would be stupid not to take it.
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