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Originally Posted by VinRouge View Post
Rolls arent paying the treasury cash to hold them in stock though are they?

Someone has calculated it is more cost effective in terms of servicing and budgeting, mindful of the current fleet size, to scrap them. I dare say they will make excellent pieces in a museum or in a company foyer somewhere.
Nothing to do with R-R. They have done their job in repairing them.
​​​​​​There is another post referring to Titanium supply issues. Each RB199 must contain hundreds of kilos of high grade Ti.
Surely it would be possible to get hold of sufficient volunteers with engine strip experience to RTP these engines if for no other reason than to access the Ti components.
To simply dump them has to be an unacceptable solution in this day and age when we are trying to reduce pollution. What kind of example is that to set.
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