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Originally Posted by Letsflycwl View Post
Yes the QR loads are low for May but this was the 1st month of operation, people really need to give this route chance to prove itself before slating it.

I imagine there will be an increase in figures for the next coming months as people get to hear about it and use it. From what Iíve read and seen the fairs are reasonable too if booked in advance (as many people do).

Maybe a daily service was excessive and 3 or 4 times a week would have been better, however we have this route from a world class carrier and should support it and not constantly knock it.

Im sure people would not have been happy if they chose BRS, but they didnt, they chose CWL and time will tell over the next couple of months (not just month 1 of operation) how successful it is and will be
QR loads across all their UK routes were pretty dire in April, and certainly not too much can be read into one month's figures, especially when that one month is the first month of operation. One thing is for certain, they can't make money on 30% passenger load factors even if the aircraft are rammed with cargo on all sectors but sometimes you wonder if QR is actually there to make money, or is a vanity project for the country's leaders.

Problem with reducing frequency to 3 or so per week is that you're making the service less attractive to business passengers who need frequency and flexibility, and if a route is to survive on lower loads then front end loads have to be good - that is where the likes of LHR succeed and BHX fail.

I wouldn't be too despondent unless passenger numbers aren't very significantly improved by September.
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