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Should be alright, it's not as hard as the DLR, not the easiest either. It's on a human level.

Simply try to sharpen your short-term memory capacity and review some ATPL from an operational perspective. That is, performance with relationship between the various V speeds, ASDA, TORA, LDA, Clearway, Stopway, fuel requirements, approach minima, planning minima, some meteorology forecast as well as little theory.

As for the maths part it's divided in two parts as far as I know. The first part is normal maths where you can expect basic geometry, trigonometry and questions on speed, distance and time. Mental arithmetic is the second part and one thing I am not sure about is that BODMASS is not followed, but you have to do the calculations from left to right with no precedence given to multiplication or divisions. However, I stand to be corrected on this.

Multitasking will be a FD to keep centered or something similar and buttons to press if a light comes up. Expect also questions to come up.

This is all I know and I have been invited for the 10th of August. Plenty of time to prepare for me. Lucky me!
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