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Originally Posted by ImageGear View Post
//rant on...

It's 2018 and everything flying commercial is well sub-sonic. 12 hours in any ally tube is at least 8 hours too long for anybody. Is this a Big Bubba/Airslush strategy to keep more tubes in the air for longer, justifying higher prices and forcing people to upscale in comfort levels in order to avoid DVT or worse. (Think how many ambulances will be required to attend after pax have been incarcerated for 20 hours) Current aircraft are just all so last century. (Concorde excepted). I predict than the first manufacturer to get an economical SST to market will kill off the rest of the competition.

"Just stating the bleeding obvious but I feel better now"

//Rant off

I'll state the obvious : SST is way too expensive for it be economical and kill off the competition.
Originally Posted by groundbum View Post
rather than SST maybe these ULH planes need air-to-air refuelling, save dragging all that gas round the globe

just saying....

I'm not sure it would be economical as well.
You would need to save 40k$ (which is the cost of the flight hour of the cargo airplane) worth of fuel for it to be worth the trouble. Not taking into account the development of a civil air to air system from design to crew training.
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