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Originally Posted by SASless View Post
Catch up Old Man....it is AH now.

The question posed is straight forward and if you care to check it....the slam would be on the Authorities that would allow the aircraft to be put back in service AFTER no cause was determined. (One must read the post carefully as it dealt with a hypothetical situation.)

I believe the gentlemen doth protest too much.
Well that has already happened hasn't it? The A/C was cleared well before the final report but the AIBN and AAIB held back permission to resume flying for some time after it was granted by the Europeans/Americans etc.. The A/C remains approved with operational restrictions.

There have been a number of troubling dissenting statements; from the initial "suspension bar" theory, through to apparent comments that have been reported to have been added to the, as yet unpublished, final report. If we still don't have a cause and we still don't have a consensus we don't really have a long term solution do we? To move this forward requires the publication and review of the AIBN's final report which we are told will be with us next week.

From the outside looking in it certainly seems to have been a very difficult exercise logistically, scientifically, emotionally and politically.
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