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Originally Posted by Skipness One Foxtrot View Post
OK so they're going to Iberia or BA instead? IAG are still taking them?
It's not clear.

The majority of the original order hadn't been assigned production numbers by Airbus yet, by early 2016 only the first aircraft had been given MSN 197 with delivery scheduled for Q2 2018 but that was later assigned to Vietnam Airlines, obviously not an IAG carrier. Obviously IAG already has an A350 order pool, I'm not sure if that officially went up by 9 units when Aer Lingus joined the group or not and that's the only way to tell where those aircraft went.

The original slot was clearly reassigned by Airbus on instruction from Aer Lingus/IAG sometime in 2016.

When I suggested the aircraft could arrive at a later date, I was talking about the larger A350 order already at IAG including options which could be exercised relatively quickly like the recent brand new A333 arrivals.
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