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FlightGlobal just working on old information.

Aer Lingus explained its future fleet plan at an investors meeting last year and no A350s were visible well into the 2020s. The fleet will focus on A321LR and A333 for the foreseeable but those saying the order is "dead" or "will never happen" are naive as that's not the way IAG works.

Within IAG any aircraft currently on the books could go to any airline should a business case be put forward and be successful, if in a few years Aer Lingus decide its ready for next generation aircraft it could get them pretty quickly by either dipping into the IAG orders or exercising options held by the group just like they did with the recent A333s. The A321LR was ordered pretty quickly once Aer Lingus displayed to IAG the business case was there for them.

So are the original 9 A350s still coming to Aer Lingus? No. Could they still arrive at a later date? Definitely.
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