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Originally Posted by caaardiff View Post
So you're talking a 737 from Tenerife or Faro. Both being a popular holiday destination where there is often a high number of checked in luggage. Anywhere between 100-150 bags. It's likely the flight was busy and given FR's new hand luggage policy there will often be lots more hand luggage to unload as well. You could be talking 50-100+ additional hand luggage of passengers that aren't priority boarding. So anywhere really between 150-250 bags to offload that will likely be split between 2 holds. That's charter 757 loads which get an hour turnaround.
It doesn't matter who the handling agent is, the performance will be the same.
I really don't think one flight which delivered bags within the time stipulated by the Airline (And likely the Airport that will have it's own SLA's with a handler) is any cause for concern or is even worth of a topic. If it was a continuing trend then it would be something to worry about. This isn't.
Interestingly Today I spoke with senior management at Ryanair, who has responsibility for this area, He said his expectation would be to have first bag on the belt within 20 minutes of ATA . I agree there is no further point in discussing this on this forum there is a new FR Regional Manager starting next month I will discuss directly.
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