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Originally Posted by southender View Post
Wonderful photo on Southend Operations and Movements Facebook page taken from the tower early this morning. I counted 25 or more aircraft on the aprons, with not a spare stand apparent. Even had a Gulfstream parked up on stand 1.

Overnight arrivals come from all corners of the globe, a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Long may it continue, or until the end of September at least!!

It is great to see SEN so busy, however stands are going to have to be freed up for the start of Ryanair's three aircraft operation next spring. Perhaps some of the longstay bizjets will have to be stacked like they do at LTN to free up space.
Still it's a good position to be in, and gives the lie to some of the doomongers on here who couldn't wait for the airport to fail.

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