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Surely the lessor retains the responsibility for the airworthiness of the item.
It seems unreasonable to have the lessee pick up the responsibility for leasing a deficient unit.
No, it is the Lessee's responsibility to maintain the aircraft in accordance with the OEM maintenance schedule and in an airworthy state. Remember, most leases were taken out way before the 2016 fatal accident. Airbus does not accept that the 225 is deficient of faulty, after all, its no longer grounded and regulator groundings are excluded from lease arrangements.


There are 225 returned by CHC in various states of maintenance...all abandoned.. Left for someone else to pick up the bill to return to airworthiness status..
CHC did return non-airworthy 225s aircraft to lessors but that was under the provisions of Chapter 11, not the lease agreements themselves.
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