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Originally Posted by daz211 View Post

Well it seems to be working for Jet2. And to an airline like Ryanair I don’t think it would break the bank.
there is no denying it works operationally .... but it is more expensive than using a handler, Jet 2 have decided that its worth doing for customer service reasons, Ryanair will not see it this way. as an example if a Ryanair flight is delayed they will pay swissport the same handling rate as they would if its on time. If they self handle they will have to pay the overtime bill. I can only think of four airlines that self handle in the UK,

BA at LHR and LGW( through a subsidiary company) full handling.
Jet 2 at the main bases full handling
Virgin front of house at Heathrow
Norwegian at Gatwick (full handling through and agency)

if it was cost effective more airlines would be doing it .
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