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Nespresso - pretentious? Moi?

Now, I love my Nespresso machine. Really convenient and clean. Nice strong cup of coffee without all the mess and rather a handsome, industrial looking beast on my kitchen work surface. I’ve got a fancy little carousel pod holder alongside it so I can see just what particular flavour coffee I fancy. However, and please keep this quiet, I can’t actually tell the difference between these pods! When I go on the Nespresso website, I read all the flavour descriptions and their origins but I’ve sometimes ended up ordering the pods because I like the colour!!

I started to wonder if the coffee pod industry is a little like The Emperors New Clothes? No one actually wants to put up their hands and say...actually, I don’t get it at all. It made me do some googling and I found this article which seemed to sum up my experience completely:

i would also add that my machine is also in on the game. Nespresso lost the exclusive patent to produce the particular pods for its machines several years ago, supposedly meaning one could buy cheaper versions from other suppliers. My coffee maker can detect an imposter immediately and will mangle and crush any that I dare to drop down its hatch.
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